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More than Just a Wedding, it's Marriage:

Updated: Jul 6

1. Why get married?

Because it seals a lifelong promise of commitment to one another, in good times or bad times, in sickness or in health. It's fulling God's order and in the process receiving His Blessings for an everlasting union in His Home!!!


2. When to get married

When you have learned enough from the other person's good, and bad habits to know if one can overcome the bad with the good everytime a failure shows up or an iniquity pops.


3. Who to marry

The person you want to grow old with, the person you can support when they are at their worst, the person you can trust to be by your side when you are at your worst.


4. How to get married 

In justice and peace, and in the church. One is a necessity and peace of mind and the other the solid foundation in which you can stay strong to withstand any storms life presents, it is the inheritance God grants a couple to pass down to family and hence bless their children .


5. Making marriage work

Practice forgiveness, reset, and restart, as many times as possible. Practice adjustment and restrategize knowing that there are infinite opportunities to grow through it all, this has to be done equally by both parties.


6. Making marriage last

Every day is a new day, start it as if yesterday is no longer, and tomorrow will be better, and repeat every day. 


7. Making marriage impact

Find a common goal in which you both may serve together in helping others with your love and own personal gifts.

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